Top 5 Sights Photography Show

Tech Top 5 Sights Photography Show

The Photography Show takes place every year at the Birmingham NEC exhibition center in the UK. All major camera manufacturers are there with large and glossy standards, but there are also manufacturers of lenses and accessories and smaller companies that exhibit a set that we usually never see.

Top 5 Sights Photography Show

1. Pentax K-1 II

Don’t forget Pentax! The world of DSLRs is dominated by Canon and Nikon, but Pentax is still there and we take a closer look at the full-frame Pentax K-1 II. It is an updated version of the K-1, the first full-frame digital SLR camera from Pentax, and also a very good one, with a 36MP sensor, an intelligent and multifunctional 5-axis camera stabilization system and a reasonably affordable price. The Pentax K-1 II brings a new noise-canceling chip to enhance high ISO image quality and higher maximum sensitivity, improved auto focus and the ability to shoot manually with its high resolution Pixel Shift II mode.

2. Kowa Spotting scope adaptors

Birdwatchers and nature lovers often use high-magnification telescopes to observe their subjects and then have to pay extra money for high-quality and high-quality telephoto lenses to photograph them. So why not combine the two (we hear you ask)? That is what the Kowa detection specialist offers with its new TSN 553 Prominar with a TSN-PA7 photo adapter and a connected Sony Alpha A7S. The telescope has no aperture or autofocus mechanism, but offers a very high image quality thanks to the expensive fluorite glass and with its large magnification (15-45x), it seems ideal for static subjects.

3. K&F Concept Lens adaptors

Most of us probably have the vague idea that you can sometimes use an adapter to adjust the lenses of one manufacturer to the cameras of another manufacturer, but the alignment to the K&F Concept standard was simply out of this world. Did you know that you could place a Nikon G lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera? Or a DSLR lens with a Pentax K mount for a Fujifilm X-series camera? There are some limitations: you cannot adjust every lens to every camera because some have an incorrect rear focus distance, and these adapters do not offer autofocus and aperture control, which means that you have to take pictures manually. But they are very well done and for £ 15 (around $ 21) each in the show (yes, really), they were great. So surprising that we even bought two.

4. Benro New square filter system

Graduated filters can dim clear air so that it is not overexposed. The problem is that it can be a bit of a violin to try to gently slide them up and down on the support one by one so that they are aligned with the horizon. Benro has the answer and presents a new range of filters in The Photography Show, including an advanced and intelligent FH100M2 filter filter holder, where the filter fits into a frame with serrated edges that can then be raised and lowered in small steps. accurately using a button on the bracket. Benro also produces regular filter holders in various sizes, together with a wide range of cheaper resin and premium glass filters.

5. JP Distribution H & Y filters

We are not done with filters yet. Around the corner from Benro’s stand was H&Y Filters, which has a new solution for another filter headache. Regular filtering systems use slots to add 2-3 separate filters. It can be a bit of a violin that she shifts and then removes for recordings where they are not needed. The H&Y system again uses frames to mount normal rectangular filters, and these two have notches on this side, but this time it is easy to secure the filter frames with a locknut because these filter holders are magnetic. Simply “fit” in a specially adapted filter holder. You can stack filters on top of each other and remove them all in a single move. Nice!

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