Top 5 Graphic Design Software 2019

Tech Top 5 Graphic Design Software 2019

Top 5 Graphic Design Software 2019

Top Graphic Design Software: Images are the first thing that visitors notice in the content, creating a lasting first impression. It is not easy to attract customers easily with graphic images; They are looking for innovative designs. This is where awesome graphic design tools come in, which have opportunities to improve your design skills. To help you with your efforts, we will review some of the best graphic design programs from 2019 so that you can overcome the competition with your graphic images. There are many different options available, each with different functions. Let’s see them:

Adobe Illustrator CC:

Top Graphic Design Software

Adobe Illustrator CC helps you create and work with vector images. It is specially designed for professional designers and artists. It offers a range of tools, menus, and functions to create a great website, logos, images, and videos. It has built-in presets and design templates, allowing designers to create designs faster.

  • Some of the benefits are:
    • Export of assets with a click on different formats, formats, and resolutions.
    • Wide range of functions that make different types of letters possible.
    • Many canvas work tables to choose multiple to move and resize.
    • Prototyping tools to design and share models.
    • Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud to easily share projects.
    • Scale illustrations in different formats, including mobile screens, so that the quality remains intact.
    • Easily create logos, icons, typography, complex illustrations, etc.
    • Available for both Windows PC and Apple MAC.
    • Excellent touch function.
    • A new and powerful Puppet Warp function can be used to transform the selected part of the illustrations.
    • Raster plot to convert pixel images into editable vectors.
    • The latest update offers a few extra functions, including the panel with smart features, text management options, and more.

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Adobe Photoshop:

Top Graphic Design Software

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and globally recognized graphic design tool that allows designers to create elegant designs. With this, you can also create beautiful web designs and mobile applications. You can easily edit and improve images, 3D designs, and illustrations.

  • Some of the benefits are:

    • A function-rich design tool with 3D elements.
    • It contains video editing tools.
    • Library panel to save your favorite settings of designs, colors, fonts, etc.
    • User-friendly tools with integrated templates.
    • Creation and improvement of special images for photographers.
    • Functions to improve 3D artworks, illustrations, and paintings.
    • Tools to improve basic photos and fully transform images.
    • Smoothing out smoke brushes, controls for masking luminance, heavy text designs, digital art, brush treatment, access to lightroom photos, etc.
    • Selection and masking shortcuts that can be adjusted.
    • The latest update includes options such as the camera, a new automatic selection tool with extra font and drawing functions.

Adobe InDesign:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a handy software for creating, verifying and publishing documents in print and digital media. It is widely used to design magazines, postures, flyers, brochures and more. It is also useful for creating interactive e-books and PDFs. It is suitable for documents with multiple pages. It is a versatile software known for designing, album design, etc., which has good typographic capabilities.

  • Some of the benefits are:

    • Adjustment of the content to fit the best part of the image when placed in a frame.
    • Design adjustment, import of PDF documents, new properties window, visual font exploration, compatibility with OpenType SVG fonts, etc.
    • Users can share texts, shapes, colors, and images with the ease of access to their Creative Cloud Libraries.
    • The software includes functions such as endnotes, object height and width styles, paragraph numbering, PDF accessibility, various style fonts, etc.
    • Users can increase the accessibility and reuse of documents that they export as PDF files.
    • Users can even add tags to footnotes, keyword indexes, anchored text frames, table of contents with a hyperlink, etc.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018:

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018:

CorelDRAW is a popular software for creating stunning designs, images, graphics, and websites. It is a vector graphic editor that supports the Windows operating system. It has a number of productive functions and is easy to use, giving you total control and delivering dynamic results. The software helps you create original illustrations, logos and signs in print and web.

  • Some of the benefits are:
    • It gives you the built-in Corel CONNECT organizer and tools such as Twirl, Smear, Repel and Attract.
    • It is compatible with applications such as Bitstream Font Navigator, Barcode Wizard, Duplexing Wizard.
    • It is easy to learn and use with exceptional speed, power, and performance.
    • The software guarantees a smooth workflow with support for PDF / X-4 and the revolutionary LiveSketch ™ that AI uses to turn the sketch into vector curves.
    • You can create a variety of professional document styles, vector tools, and page layouts, as well as many editing functions, by effecting vector and bitmap images.
    • The software has many intuitive tools, discovery files, and learning materials to ensure that you can quickly start editing images.
    • It contains the block shadow effect that provides an extruded 3D shadow effect for text objects and vectors.
    • It also includes the Symmetry drawing mode, which allows users to design faster by reflecting the drawn path and vector objects.
    • The newest features in the 2018 update are the symmetrical drawing mode, the impact tool, PhotoCocktail, the Block Shadow tool, Pointillizer, etc.

Affinity Designer:

Affinity Designer

This software has been specially developed by Serif for professional graphic designers, who perform various design tasks including web, art, typography, branding, mockups, pattern designs, print projects, etc. It is compatible with Windows and Apple Mac and is a vector-based design program consisting of pixel-based tools such as pixel brush and shape tool. It also has various vector and text tools.

  • Some of the benefits are:
    • Real-time effects, gradients, blending modes and adjustments.
    • Create and save your own custom shortcuts, your own toolbars, and toolbar designs and adjust the user interface size by selecting monochrome or colored buttons.
    • The software allows designers to make precise curves, use vibrant colors, adjust live shapes for their vector illustrations and create artistic texts for headlines.
    • It has zoom functions, flexible guides, advanced grids, etc. and offers asset management functions to help designers organize their projects.
    • There is a versatile grid system that allows designers to set screens while designing video game icons and graphics. They get full control over distance, subdivisions, angles, etc. To create perfect designs.
    • It has solid knot and pin tools, tool and mode change, live split-screen, extended strokes, powerful adjustment, work tables, canvas rotation, etc.
    • The software has advanced masks and layers, live pixels and contour views, “Magic Wand” selection brush, art and frame text, professional font support, character and paragraph panels, etc.

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